KÖN underwear doesn’t exclude anyone. This is a gender neutral brand for everybody - whoever you define yourself as.

The fashion industry can be seen as very excluding in different kinds of aspects, like the world itself. Wouldn't you like to be accepted for being yourself? (One of a kind). KÖN is a brand with a 0% prejudiced policy. 
The name is a Swedish word with a significance for both gender and sex

It took years to develop this elegant underwear design when the idea of the most inclusive brand on the market was born.
We didn’t just aim for a great fit and comfort for all genders. We did also aim for using top environmental friendly materials. Something we finally managed to accomplish successfully.

KÖN underwear are produced in 95% modal, an eco-friendly fabric spun of cellulose fibres from trees. Which is mixed with 5% elastane - for comfort and elasticity. This fabric is silky smooth, breathable with an extraordinary softness that makes it ideal for body contact.

Modal has many fantastic characteristics that defines our underwear as a high quality product. It's water absorbent with an ability to absorb the dye and stay colourfast when it’s washed. Modal also has an impressive resistance to shrinkage and pilling. 

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. We do all need to start thinking about what kind of world we will handover to the future generation. Modal ain’t just a fantastic material to wear, it requires less land per tonne and has a water consumption level that is ten to twenty times less than cotton.  

We are using 100% recycled paper for our packagings. It's a small decision that makes a difference. Embrace your responsibility for a healthier earth, and choose your garments carefully.

The production of KÖN is based in Portugal under the best occupational health and safety practises - because we care. Yes, we basically care about a high quality standard for everybody involved,  and everything involved in this brand.

KÖN would never exist without the great people in Portugal. From the bottom of our hearts, a big and special thanks to Elsa and Ivone who never stopped believing in the idea of a high quality underwear brand for everybody.