We do all look different, our bodies are all unique so why one fit for any gender?

Metaphorically speaking about KÖN - we consider this brand as a blank canvas, and all of you - the artists who colour the brand. We rather see our customers giving our underwear a multiple identity. Instead of us trying to force anyone in another superficial idea of what fashion is, or who you should be in this pretentious atmosphere. The minimalistic design of our packaging illustrates the idea itself of KÖN as the blank canvas.

"No matter what size, you're beautiful" - is an important announcement printed on our size labels. The definition of beauty is basically based on a personal opinion, the term can therefore be used for everyone. KÖN will always salute all kinds of body shapes.

Modelling is basically posing in front of a camera. That’s something everybody can do especially if there ain't a single requirement. Which is in line with our philosophy regarding modelling. Everybody is welcome to be part of KÖN, no matter size, length, gender, or nationality.  
We don't work with model agencies, because they have requirements on people's looks and we do not.

We believe in the art of capturing natural beauty and pay less focus on editing programs. Stay true to yourself and we might finally get rid of the misleading ideal of beauty and happiness.

The world is full of fantastic people, let us know who you are by using our hashtag on social media.